Aloe Vera

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Composed of 99% water, Aloe vera also contains many nutrients. Its pulp, also called aloe vera gel is a concentrate of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that makes aloe vera a medicinal plant with super powers.

How to use Aloe vera?

Aloe vera can be consumed in different ways, depending on the effects you are looking for.

Aloe vera for the skin

The main virtue of Aloe vera is dermatological.

Aloe is ideal for sunburned or irritated skin.

"The aloe vera gel features cooling properties that can be soothing for skin that has been exposed to the sun for a long period of time," a skin specialist says. "In general, aloe can be used to reduce skin irritation and inflammations such as acne and eczema." Its natural assets are so concentrated that Aloe vera would also help some wounds heal faster. Applied regularly, it helps fight against cellular aging and the premature appearance of wrinkles. Indeed, Aloe vera hydrates the skin and stimulates its regeneration by boosting the production of collagen. For cosmetic use, prefer pure Aloe gel or products containing a high concentration.

Aloe vera for hair

1) Aloe vera for moisturizing and strengthening hair In addition to feeding the lengths and tips with fat, it is necessary to bring them hydration with water. Aloe vera leaves are composed of 98% of water. Aloe vera also brings shine and strength to the hair. In addition to being moisturized, they are less brittle.

2) Aloe vera to purify the hair "This plant is also excellent for regulating the secretion of sebum thanks to its purifying action," explains hair expert Daphné Narcy. It cleanses the scalp and allows, in the long term, to space the shampoos.

3) Aloe vera to accelerate hair growth Thanks to its high concentration of vitamins A, B6 and B9, and the fact that it promotes the circulation of the scalp, aloe vera makes hair grow faster.

Aloe vera to drink or as a dietary supplement

If one wishes to benefit from its benefits in internal use, one can opt for a presentation in the form of capsule or drink (juice or gel to drink).

Attention to quality: it must be natural, without processing and cold stabilized to preserve vitamins. Aloe vera rebalances the intestinal flora and, as a result, strengthens the natural defenses.

Be careful, however, not to exceed the prescribed dose: Aloe vera contains aloin, with laxative effects. Overconsumption may be toxic and people with irritable bowel syndrome (colopathy) should be particularly vigilant. It is also very effective for treating heartburn and ulcers.

By decreasing the level of sugar and fat in the blood, Aloe vera is also indicated for people with diabetes or high levels of bad cholesterol.

More generally, Aloe vera improves metabolism and promotes blood circulati on.

(Despite its many benefits, children under 6 and pregnant women should avoid consuming Aloe vera internally.)

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