What is World No Tobacco Day?



Every year, on May 31st, the World Health Organization (WHO) and its global partners celebrate World No Tobacco Day (WNTD). The annual campaign raises awareness about the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure, and discourages the use of tobacco in any form. 


Goals of the World No Tobacco Day 2019 campaign


World No Tobacco Day 2019 will focus on the multiple ways that exposure to tobacco affects the health of people’s lungs worldwide. It will raise awareness on the:

✔ Risks posed by tobacco smoking and second-hand smoke exposure;

 Awareness on the particular dangers of tobacco smoking to lung health;

✔ Magnitude of death and illness globally from lung diseases caused by tobacco, including chronic respiratory diseases and lung cancer; 

✔ Emerging evidence on the link between tobacco smoking and tuberculosis deaths; 

✔ Implications of second-hand exposure for lung health of people across age groups; 

✔ Importance of lung health to achieving overall health and well-being;

✔ Feasible actions and measures that key audiences, including the public and governments, can take to reduce the risks to lung health posed by tobacco.


Making the most out of life requires strong, healthy lungs—so that beautiful, active, happy experiences can take your breath away. And this year's theme, "Tobacco and Lung Health", will also highlight the fundamental role lungs play for the health and well-being of all people.


We invite you to be the voice of this campaign by sharing your favorite breathtaking moments and activities on social media, and telling the world why these take your breath away, instead of tobacco.  


Parents and other members of the community should also take measures to promote their own health, and that of their children, by protecting them from the harms caused by tobacco.