Knowing your skin type 


If you want to take good care of your skin, it’s crucial to know your skin type. That way, you can choose Dermo-Cosmetics products that meet your needs and develop an effective beauty routine. How do you find out your skin type? It’s as easy as ABC!



→Skin is velvety and fresh

→Skin feels firm and comfortable

→Pores are normal-sized

Normal skin is soft and velvety. Skin tone and texture is even; pores are tight and barely visible. The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is only slightly oily, as skin’s cells are producing everything they need to stay hydrated and protected. Unfortunately, it’s rare for skin to remain normal over an entire lifetime.


Normal skin requires only a limited number of beauty products.


For your beauty bag:

Makeup remover







→Skin is dry and red

→Burning, itching or stinging is present

→Pores are enlarged

Sensitive skin reacts to temperature changes, stress and certain products and fragrances. It can experience redness, bumps, marks and blemishes. It can also experience flaking and tightness. Cheeks may have more redness than the rest of the face, indicating the presence of rosacea.


For your beauty bag:

Very gentle cleanser

Unscented moisturizer

Calming masque

Anti-redness products

Thermal water



→Skin is rough

→Skin feels tight

→Pores are very tight and nearly invisible

Dry skin is tight and stiff with redness. Fine lines are visible and appear much sooner. Skin’s lipid content is lower than the norm. This lack of lipids alters the cutaneous barrier, leaving skin less protected.


For your beauty bag:

Gentle cleanser

Non- comedogenic moisturizer

Anti-wrinkle cream


Oil (e.g. sweet almond, olive, shea)

Moisturizing mask





→Skin is shiny, dense and uneven

→Skin is irritated and feels oily

→Pores are enlarged with imperfections (blackheads and blemishes)

Oily skin is shiny and often reacts to temperature, contaminants, hormonal changes and beauty products. Pores are enlarged and prone to blemishes and blackheads. Skin tone is dull and uneven, and lacks brightness. Skin is dense, with an uneven texture.


For your beauty bag:

 Gentle purifying cleanser

Non-comedogenic moisturizer (oil-free)

Mattifying makeup

Oil-absorbing mask (e.g. green clay)






→Skin is somewhat red and shiny

→Skin in cheek area feels tight and uncomfortable, T-zone feels oily

→Enlarged pores with possible imperfections (blackheads)

→Combination skin has multiple characteristics, and can be somewhat oily or dry.




Skin is somewhat red

Pores are tighter

Skin’s texture is smooth

Possible presence of rosacea or other redness

Discomfort and tightness


Forehead, nose and chin

Skin is fairly shiny

Pores are somewhat enlarged

Blackheads may be present

Skin is dense

Skin feels oily


For your beauty bag:

Very gentle balancing cleanser


Purifying mask

Purifying mask