Biotech companies to help with cancer research

Biotechnological innovations are the latest addition to the healthcare market with new therapies and drugs to treat cancer more effectively at a reduced cost, although the most common therapies remain immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Cancer is the leading cause of death globally – Allied Market Research data from 2017-2023 has estimated the global cancer therapeutics market to double in value from USD 81.29 billion previously. The National Cancer Institute has also noted an increasing occurrence of cancer and deaths in less developed regions with limited access to healthcare.

An early-stage oncology company in the US,, Inc. (SNET) has agreed to collaborate with another California-based pharmaceutical company to develop novel drug formulations to combat cancer, including an exclusive license for a ‘targeted’ drug delivery system to enhance delivery of drugs to a wide variety of tumors.

With this, new or already-approved chemotherapy drugs can be reformulated and used in SNET’s mono- or combo-therapies for durable-response treatments, or with other therapies such as immune check point inhibitors. T

he use of an enhanced drug delivery platform combined with pharmacogenomics and liquid biopsy for personalised therapy should augment cancer drug effectiveness and safety for various societies, and thus improve treatment monitoring.

Daniel F. Hayes, M.D., Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, US, has said that sophisticated technology is allowing doctors to prevent or detect cancer earlier, target treatments more effectively and avoid unnecessary side effects. Developing technologies in cancer research, biotechnology, and healthcare has further assured the future of cancer.